English profile of Kondo NATSUKO


Natsuko Kondo is a Japanese singer and songwriter. She began music activities, influenced by black music (Motown, Soul, R & B) while listening to Japanese popular songs and pops from childhood.

In May 1993 she pre-debuted with a I.W Harper television commercial song and debuted in November with the ending theme for the popular TV program “Sanma no Manma”.

After that, she collaborated with many musicians from varied genres such as: Double Voice, Netsu no hana, FUNK no kai, DUO with guitarist Mr. Kanji Ishii and many more … She recently visited New York and actively performed in gigs & open mic events.

A voice that is melting somewhere in the heart which weaves and communicates words…Softly, sometimes powerfully, spreading her original music world.

As a songwriter, she provides lyrics to Johnny’s artists, voice actors, animations, and stage productions.

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